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Laxative used in swollen tonsillitis and chest pain Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D.
GARDEN'S ROSY: Volunteer gardener Frank Donaghey at St Philip's Church, Birchencliffe * DELICATE FLOWER: The common spotted orchid - or Dactylorhiza fuchsii - at Birchencliffe JH150611Abirchencliffe-02.
This could be the case for the North European Dactylorhiza species, where extensive hybridization (often followed by polyploidization) generated the genetic background for promoting species distribution in northern European hemisphere (Hedren, 2002).
Speciation patterns in Dactylorhiza incarnata/maculata polyploidy complex (Orchidaceae): evidence from molecular markers.
A interacao entre calcio e amonio na producao de massa fresca em plantulas de Dactylorhiza incarnata, cultivadas in vitro e provenientes de sementes, foi pesquisada por Dijk e Eck (1995a).
Dactylorhiza incarnata ydi'r enw gwyddonol am hwn, ac mae'n cael yr enw am fod y petalau i fod yn lliw cnawd - dyma'r 'incarnata'.
Identification of mycorrhizal fungi from single pelotons of Dactylorhiza majalis (Orchidaceae) using single-strand conformation polymorphism and mitochondrial ribosomal large subunit DNA sequences.
2002) in a glasshouse experiment, bumble bee queens pollinated Dactylorhiza sambucina Soo that mimics Mimulus guttata Fisher ex DC (Scrophulariaceae); Peter and Johnson (2008) where a specialist bee pollinated Eulophia zeyheriana Sonder that mimics the bellflower Wahlenbergia cuspidata Brehmer (Campanulaceae) in South Africa.
Deceptive pollination of Dactylorhiza incarnata: an experimental test of the magnet species hypothesis.
75 M sucrose, allowed viability retention of encapsulated Dactylorhiza fuchsii seeds by reducing the bead drying rate, hence suggesting that rapid drying rates may hinder the survival of the orchid and its fungal symbiont.
The pollination ecology of Dactylorhiza sambucina (Orchidaceae).
Dactylorhiza fuchsii ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar y blodyn yma a'r 'common spotted-orchid' yn Saesneg.
You can see both dactylorhizas and pleiones grown to perfection at Edinburgh Botanics, but don't leave orchid- growing to the experts.