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Synonyms for dactyl

a metrical unit with stressed-unstressed-unstressed syllables

a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

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Pereopods all of about same size, with all articles distinct, dactyli bluntly pointed, carpi heavily setose, bases noncarinate.
In first two pairs, dactyli long and curved, their tips almost reaching serrated setose distal margins of respective carpi; propodi greatly enlarged and resting on respective bases; meri and carpi fused.
3H, J) all of similar structure but nearly doubling in size posteriorly; all articles distinct; dactyli reduced, their short tips (Fig.
4J) diminishing slightly in length toward posterior; dactyli each with two rows of accessory spinules on flexor surface; propodi each with two rows of sparse spinules on flexor surface; meri each with three or four spines on lateral surface ventrally; ischia each with one or two spines on lateral surface ventrally.
Third to fifth pereopods moderately stout, similar in structure but slightly increasing in relative length from third to fifth; dactyli subconical, 0.