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Foliage and wood preserved at Newvale indicate a diverse range of podocarps including Dacrycarpus, Dacrydium, Halocarpus, Microcachrys, Phyllocladus, Podocarpus, and Agathis.
The large, old tree next to the house (of the species mbi or kulmuk, Dacrydium nidulium, Popocarpaceae, or mambak, Ficus augusta, Moraceae) is supposed to be the 'mother' of all trees.
54 Coniferae Dacrydium beccari 55 Connaraceae Connarus monocarpus L.
A note on root sucker production in the conifer Dacrydium xanthandrum (Podocarpaceae) on Mount Kinabalu, Sabah.
Three species of Dacrydium - 2n = 18 (14 M + 4 t), 2n = 22 (10 M + 12 t), and 2n = 24 (8 M + 16 t) - fell into another group with NF = 32, and three Phyllocladus species were all 2n = 18 M, NF = 36.