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a kind of polyester fabric


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Pensamos que el cateter actualmente esta anclado y que ha formado tejido de cicatrizacion alrededor de las propias paredes del cateter, ya que desde hace tiempo la longitud del cateter es la misma, asi como la distancia del OSC al dacron.
Butch showed me a Dacron sail, laid out on the floor of the loft, that was being sewn together on a sewing machine located in a pit that allowed the operator to sit at floor level and move the fabric along under the needle of the machine.
The disadvantages of this technique are cusp abrasion to the Dacron graft, abnormal stress of the cusps during opening and closing due to lack of Valsalva sinuses and systolic elastic expansion of the aortic root (2).
When switching from Dacron string to Phase I or Fast Flight, you will pick up 8 to 10 feet per second in arrow speed The Flemish twist has nothing to do with the speed; it's just easy to make a string without a jig.
The Dacron graft, often likened to Terylene, would have been stitched into place during the intricate open-heart surgery.
Home Record decorater Jason Russell shows how you can be sitting pretty this summer - and all you need to tackle the job is some two-inch foam for the pads, Dacron wadding, piping and your choice of fabric for the covers.
No patient who has undergone either of these procedures at our institution has experienced any of the complications that are associated with the older silk, nylon, and Dacron sutures.
This unit was created by merging the apparel, home textiles and related businesses of Lycra, Nylon Textile, Nylon Industrial Specialties, and Dacron Branded Specialties and Fiberfill.
A Dacron wrap is pulled over the base of the heart, attached by sutures, and tightened so that it contains but does not strangle the heart, thus preventing further dilation and enhancing ventricular function.
One was so big it could not be tackled using traditional methods so surgeons sealed it with a centimetre-wide piece of Dacron.
The new technique uses a stent graft--a Dacron tube inside a collapsed metal-mesh cylinder--that is threaded through the arteries to the site of the aneurysm.
Try fabrics like Gore-Tex, Dacron, and wool for insulation and to stay dry since water on the skin allows freezing to occur 240 times faster than cold air.
To win, just answer this question: Futon mattresses are made of: a) Feathers; b) Cotton; c) Dacron.
Then Dacron happened, and by 1960 synthetics had knocked wool from the Pentagon's must-have list.
By the time of the Gemini missions, space suits featured a version of stainless steel cloth, containing many protective layers culled from the likes of DuPont - uncoated nylon, uncoated Nomex, unwoven Dacron, aluminized Dacron, neoprenecoated nylon, and oxford nylon.