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a member of an armed gang of robbers

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Seeing police, dacoits started indiscriminate firing on cops and the police also returned fire.
According to police, a team of Sharqpur Police was taking three dacoits including Ramzan alias Jani, Latif alias Tifu and Iqbal alias Bali to Sharqpur from Kasur Jail on remand when their accomplice opened fire at the police van to get them released.
Police said that arrested dacoits were being taken for the recovery of looted material when their cohorts attacked the police party to get them free from police custody.
The ongoing action was the part of a stringent operation that was launched some three weeks back to weed out the three notorious gangs of dacoits which operates along the Kaccha area (the wet riverbed) in Sindh and the Punjab provinces.
This perennial problem seems to have infected even dacoits, who want to rob not money or jewellery but water.
Media reports quoted the Dattas, as telling the police that the dacoits were armed with guns and daggers, and added that the latter had said that they did not wish to harm them", but strangled to Animesh to death when he shouted for help.
Receiving information, police rushed to the spot and started chasing the dacoits who unloaded wheat from the trolley at a secret place.
FAISALABAD -- A dacoit was injured while his accomplice was arrested by the police after an encounter in the area of Batala Colony police station.
Separately, Noman, a dacoit who was injured in police shootout in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-V, was arrested, while his comrade Zeeshan managed to escape, said SP Abid Qaimkhani.
MUZAFFARGAHR -- A dacoit was killed in an encounter with police here on Friday.
The dacoits then took all the jewellery and asked the owner to hand over the silver plates as well.
A couple of years ago Singh's daughter Mona was harassed by a notorious dacoit in the Chambal ravines - a place known to be infested with dacoits.
JHANG, June 22 -- At least five dacoits were killed while one police official was seriously injured in a police encounter here in a suburb area in Jhang on Monday.
Jadugar believes that politicians are usually dressed in white but act like dacoits and do not work for the development of the nation.
According to police sources, four dacoits entered the Fish Aquarium owned by Nasir Aziz at Chungi No 9 and started looting cash when Nasir Aziz during resistance killed a dacoit, Ameen, and injured another, Mursaleen, while two fled.