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small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears

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At left, Sassy the dachsund gets some affection from owner Richard Thomas.
Latest additions include kitsch designs with dachsund dogs and birds.
If you held that tightly closed bud in your hand, you'd see a tiny insect scurrying along it, searching for an opening, an insect hardly bigger than a flea on a dachsund.
It was a typically "big country" trip, my Aberdeen-born wife and myself and our faithful dogs Maisie, the sensible, well-behaved Jack Russell, and Stanley, the "I know no fear", often death-defying Dachsund climbing the Aberdeenshire peak of Ben Achie together.
But Titch still has a little way to go to beat the oldest living dog in the world - an American dachsund called Chanel who turns 21 this May.
James, a receptionist at the Hope Street Hotel, paid pounds 500 for his miniature dachsund, Paris Tallulah, six months ago and is rarely without her: ``I take her out as much as possible and do tend to carry her about.
Most of the sculptures are for sale, ranging from Jane Rickards' Walnuts at pounds 296 and Rosemary Cook's Dachsund at pounds 345, to David Williams-Ellis's Archer (pounds 28,500), Peter Randall-Page's Parting Company and Janet Macleod's Free Spirit (pounds 35,000), William Pye's Coracle (pounds 49,350), Nicola Hicks' Sorry, Sorry Sarajevo (pounds 58,750), and Thomas Ostenberg's But, I Feel Fine (pounds 80,000).
Scottish Border Terrier Club's Championship Show in the Victoria Hall, Selkirk, at 10am; Scottish Dachsund Club's Open Show in Harleys Hill Sports Barn, Donaldson Road, Larkhall.