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small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears

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The appellate court changed the damage award to $4,784 to cover the veterinary costs associated with returning the dachshund to its original state.
McKenny, who also breeds dachshunds at her home when she isn't working as the benefits coordinator at Harr Motors in Worcester.
The large dog killed a second dachshund and mauled two others before the homeowner could get a pistol and kill the pit bull.
My grandmother had a dachshund and I can still recall the horrible scuttling sound its claws made on the kitchen lino as it came round the corner.
Lovaine, 64, who lives at High Westwood, County Durham, has even sent her champion dachshunds back to Germany.
Our mission is to take in as many homeless and medically needy dachshunds as we can," said Lori Biesboer, president of Midwest Dachshund Rescue.
NAME: Mr Tibbles APPEARANCE: Small, cute, definitely no trouble at all SPECIAL SKILLS: Mr Tibbles' people adopted him with perfect timing - his arrival coincided with their litter of mini dachshunds.
Last February RSPCA inspectors seized 25 dachshunds from the Heighington home of Margaret Jamieson, 68, and Richard Abraham, 66, and the couple were later charged with seven animal welfare offences relating to the dogs' care.
Featuring 47 dachshunds from across the UK in the role of the world's politicians, Miller's canine installation piece, Dachshund UN, was designed to provoke thought on the issue of human rights.
IF DOGS ruled the world these dachshunds would have us bangers to rights.
But as the name implies, the dozens of dachshunds that attended were the stars.
O'Sullivan didn't comment, but her ex-husband, Larry Genovese, defended his ex-wife and the dachshunds.
In the anti-German backlash during World War I, sauerkraut became "liberty cabbage"; dachshunds were known as "liberty pups"; and some Americans changed their German-sounding names.
The dachshunds, terriers and poodles of the world have waged a high-tech war against the Siamese, Persian and tabbies.
Dachshunds, one of the lower-end breeds, can sell for up to $1,000.
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