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small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears

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The Dogs Trust estimates that French Bulldogs sell for as much as PS1,570, Dachshunds go for PS1,000 while Pugs are priced at PS880.
A lively dachshund, mischievious cat and their human siblings and parents star in a new book by Kathleen Chamberlin released by Dog Ear Publishing.
Hong Kong is not a dog-friendly city," said Ivan Lo, who had brought dachshunds Kaka and CC for the walk.
All profits from the raffle will be donated to the Dachshunds with IVDD and The Red Foundation.
Soon enough, we had dachshunds in all the branches of our clan; and from there to friends and friends of friends.
More than 500 dachshunds and their owners joined Charlotte's festive sausage dog walk in Porthcawl last Christmas and other smaller walks, including one on Barry Beach, also proved popular.
In pleasant weather, Megan loves spending time in the garden and, with Dachshunds having such short legs, she doesn't have far to bend when she wants to have a sniff at the plants.
Other essays, such as the thoroughly entertaining "Doxology," will teach you more than you ever thought possible to know about dachshunds.
Last February RSPCA inspectors seized 25 dachshunds from the Heighington home of Margaret Jamieson, 68, and Richard Abraham, 66, and the couple were later charged with seven animal welfare offences relating to the dogs' care.
As New York's program evolved, dachshunds of the wirehaired variety became the most widely used breed.
Featuring 47 dachshunds from across the UK in the role of the world's politicians, Miller's canine installation piece, Dachshund UN, was designed to provoke thought on the issue of human rights.
IF DOGS ruled the world these dachshunds would have us bangers to rights.
But as the name implies, the dozens of dachshunds that attended were the stars.
O'Sullivan didn't comment, but her ex-husband, Larry Genovese, defended his ex-wife and the dachshunds.
Highly recommended for any dachshund owner or potential owner.
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