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a concentration camp for Jews created by the Nazis near Munich in southern Germany

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In fact, this Dachau is the 'home' of SS Bestiality - Himmler's 'laboratory' and hangout.
Max Mannheimer, the 93-year-old president of the Dachau camp committee, has long lobbied for Merkel to go to the camp, which is near Munich in southern Germany.
What Thompson sees and reads in the book leads him to acquire more photographs of the Dachau cold water freezing experiments.
In the 12 years that Dachau - the first concentration camp on which others were modelled - existed, an estimated 200,000 people from 30 countries were herded across the train platform and into the camp and its many subsidiaries.
It is difficult to argue with de Barra's speculation that the early exceptional promise evident in his Dachau period was not sustained by the limited opportunities available in Ireland for performance or publication.
Dachau was its own killing machine: tens of thousands died from the appalling conditions and treatment inside the camp itself.
PETER SURTEES, whose memories of a visit to Dachau concentration camp appeared recently in Your Space, has written to tell us of an interesting development following the publication of his story.
Mrs Ginsburg and her husband, Valdemar - who also survived another notorious concentration camp, Dachau - spent years talking to youngsters in Huddersfield about their terrible experiences.
Although almost everyone directly associated with the camp is now deceased, the residents of the town of Dachau bear the ongoing burden of, their past.
Tour the concentration camp and the Dachau Memorial Site.
How much freedom of speech was there in Auschwitz, Belsen, Dachau, Treblinka and Ravensbruck.
The Dachau, Germany-based company is also intensifying its activities in the NDT area of automatic material analysis for casting parts, said to appeal to the Asian automotive industry.
Sixty-five years in the making, Unknown Soldiers collects testimonies that reveal the everyday lives of the men who served, whether driving under fire, seeking love amidst war, or witnessing the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp.
Dr Morgentaler, a Polish-born physician who survived Dachau concentration camp, quit his family practice in Montreal in 1968 to open his first abortion clinic in defiance of the laws of the day.