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For a perspective on dachas from someone who lived there, check out www.
Large public spectacles were no longer centered on the dachas, but took place in the more anonymous settings of public parks and pleasure gardens, and Dacha owners and even peasants began to rent out smaller houses and even rooms to civil servants, shopkeepers, and craftsmen.
Just as the Russians had their dachas or the Scandinavians their summer houses, rural retreats away from the city, so in England too, house and garden were often divided.
All along the road from the airport to downtown people were planting potatoes and other staples at their dachas, their outlying summer homes.
Yeltsin will have to work hard to get his constituents to the polls, especially the many who like to spend their free summer days at their country dachas.
Ballet dancers are not only cherished public figures in Russia, but they live in relative comfort and security: good clothes, the choicest of city apartments, summer dachas.
In the countryside just outside Moscow this spring I saw the dachas of the dollar millionaires.
By the time Boris Yeltsin climbed on the tank, the whole world -- Russians especially -- knew the cadre spent most of its time thinking about dachas and vodka and the rest watching its back.
we developed an entire 'Made-in-Russia' eco-system to bring affordable high-speed Internet to people in their dachas and country homes," commented Sergey Pekhterev, CEO of AltegroSky.
Ond heb y Tsar ei hun yn bresennol, oni fyddai wedi bod yn ddoethach efallai i gynnal y seremoni yn agosach at dachas hafaidd y dosbarth uwch yn y gorllewin?
REMEMBER the good old days of the Cold War when the triumph of the Soviet was measured every four years in Olympic medals with winners hailed as heroes of the revolution, awarded the Order of Lenin and presented with dachas and ZiL limousines?
Tony and Cherie Blair dined on caviar and wild game at Vladimir Putin's presidential hunting lodge and stayed at one of the estate's guest dachas which are filled with stuffed trophies of shooting exhibitions.
Russia feeds itself from its dachas - country houses where workers unpaid for months spend their weekends growing potatoes to tide them by until companies pay their dues and the economy gets back on its feet after half a decade of crisis.
All those dachas and garden plots, people got them thanks to Soviet power.