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any of numerous shallow-water ducks that feed by upending and dabbling


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Foraging strategies of granivorous dabbling ducks wintering in protected areas of the French Atlantic coast.
First, we predicted that opportunistic shorebirds and dabbling ducks would use any suitable microhabitat available in the landscape and that more appropriate conditions would exist in areas with macrotopography.
3:00 BREAK 3:20 "Correlation between variation in flight speeds and wing morphology of North American dabbling ducks (Anus)," William E.
The common dabbling ducks are the familiar Mallard, now accompanied by Teal, Gadwall and - particularly when the temperatures start to drop - Wigeon.
Dabbling ducks such as mallards tip down in the water with their tails poking up while they are feeding.
Age of the oldest giant Canada goose ever recorded 65 Percent is the annual mortality rate of the blue-winged teal, the highest among dabbling ducks.
At least 47 species of shorebirds, as well as great blue herons, trumpeter and tundra swans, lesser snow geese and dabbling ducks use this critical habitat.
Double brooding has been documented less frequently in several other species of dabbling ducks including White-cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis) (Sorenson et al.
Dabbling ducks had slightly higher detection rates (224/7,607, 2.
This study was designed to verify if flight speeds are varied between species of dabbling ducks and if difference in wing morphology could be attributed to these differences.
Nest parasitism is relatively uncommon among dabbling ducks, except for cavity nesting or ducks that crowd together on nesting islands (Sayler 1992).
Our study supports the consensus that dabbling ducks are more likely than diving ducks to be positive for AIV; however, as others have documented, not all dabbling ducks are equally likely to be AIV positive (2,23,33).
The prairie marshes produce incredible numbers and varieties of diving and dabbling ducks, and in the past two decades, the province has become a machine for producing Canada geese.
Recently, all duck species, especially dabbling ducks, have been assessed as high-risk species for possibly contributing to the transmission of HPAIV (H5N1) (15).