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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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Now I am able to help my family eat and sometimes even have a little over for small treats," said Daba.
Harbottle: "Hyksos" Trade Connections Between Tell el-Daba (Avaris) and the Levant: A Neutron Activation Study of the Canaanite Jar: Bei den Ausgrabungen in Daba sind sehr viele "Canaanite Jars" zutage gekommen, Gefasse mit einem Inhalt von mod 30 Litern.
Currently, DABA enjoys more power than DSBA because of its proximity to BI.
These boats run to and from Khasab and Daba hospitals, as well as Khimzar and Lima health centres.
AdvanTag, a mass loyalty platform founded by Adam El Daba and Mo Shahin in 2012, is set to launch its mobile app on March 15 in Dubai.
beaucoup moins que]Il sera de retour a Constantine demain[beaucoup plus grand que] dira encore Daba.
DABA SAU improved forecasting and demand planning, optimized S&OP processes, and reduced replenishment planning time.
The project is expect to provide the ambulance and patient transfer services between the Niyabat of Lima and the Niyabat of Kamzar, as well as the central hospitals in the wilayat of Khasab and the wilayat of Daba.
The statement confirmed the deaths of Kaduna state governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, former national security adviser General Owoye Azazi, their aides Dauda Tsoho and Mohammed Kamal and the two pilots, Muritala Mohammed Daba and Adeyemi Sowole.
WORLD champion Youssef Saad Kamel and youngster Tejitu Daba will be the Bahrainis in action today representing Team Asia/Pacific in the IAAF Continental Cup in Split, Croatia.
6 per cent), followed by Khor Fakkan and Daba Al Hasn with 1,404 (5.
Through MoneyGram's cash-to-card program, money transfers sent to Morocco can now easily be added to Credit du Maroc's prepaid card as part of a service called Daba Daba Floussek or "Your Money Right Now.
Los legisladores tenian que entender que la gente se daba cuenta de lo que hacian Antes, nadie sabia, por ejemplo, que el diputado 232 habia votado en ciertos temas.
Sunday Express chief reporter Yvonne Ridley, 43, was being held near the eastern city of Jalalabad after being detained early yesterday in the village of Dour Daba, 40 miles to the south east, according to a report by the Afghan Islamic Press.
Fame and adulation are something Joaquin has lived with since he was a 12-year- old dancing on the Spanish TV show Daba Daba Da.