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an associate degree in applied science

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With VMware Horizon DaaS Solution, PCCS will be able to
With the launch of SmartCLOUD DaaS, companies that want to provide employees with unfettered access to virtual desktops and hosted applications - whether via desktop PCs, laptops, web browsers, tablets or mobile phones - will be able to enjoy a reduction in CAPEX and a cost reduction related to the ever-increasing virtual desktop software licensing fees.
JumpCloud's DaaS gives IT admins a fully cloud- based solution that connects and manages users, their devices and IT applications.
And now that DAAs have (emphatically) arrived, keeping up with new agents, new combinations, and new treatment advice has become a full-time job.
Each of the DAAs has a different mechanism of action: Daclatasvir is an inhibitor of the HCV NS5a protein; asunaprevir is an NS3 protease inhibitor; and the agent known for now as BMS-791325 is a nonnucleo-side polymerase NS5b inhibitor.
Experts say that although DaaS is still an emerging concept, it's becoming more relevant as organisations leverage big data -- gathering and analysing massive amounts of information to help run the business, provide services to customers, identify trends, and open up new market opportunities.
The DaaS Cloud Service Centre provides customers with a full range of centralisation benefits: control and unified management of offices and their applications; absolute data security and protection, increased speed in providing services to end users, and enhanced availability of offices.
The rhetorical gloves will come off on November 8 during the Opening Session of the conference, as world-renowned lighting designer and author Howard Brandston (left) andaj den Daas, chairman of Philips Lighting North America, debate the most contentious lighting issue of our time--the ban of the incandescent light bulb.
Dowarka Daas, a Sindh-based representative of the community, said that the government was distributing relief materials through members of the provincial as well as national assemblies, who are least concerned to provide the life saving goods to the Hindus.
Most DAAs rely on rest-homes to report on their own progress [following an audit] and rarely make follow-up visits to verify that action has been taken.
CEO of Jordan Computers Society (JCS) Rafiq Daas said that preparations for hosting the Middle East Technology Show (METS) in the period from 18 to 21 November at Hyatt Hotel are moving fast.
DAAS and LOTS have been used by the DoD for many years.
Sam Daas, a co-owner, notes that robberies seem to happen "around the holidays.
Attached to the SIPRNET backbone are local-area networks, certified to process secret data, which received permission to connect to the SIPRNET from the SIPRNET DAAs.