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Rae hopes to add more players to his squad over the summer but Daal reckons the club have a big star in their current team.
We don't want to get beat by (Bonds),'' said Daal, who is 0-3 with a 12.
Rae worked his magic wide on the right to send in an inch-perfect cross for Daal to loop a header past Stephen Robertson.
Daal didn't help his bid to remain in the rotation and make two more starts, getting hammered for the third start in a row and depleting the bullpen.
Daal has watched in awe as Brewster continues to dazzle up front for Jimmy Calderwood's Champions League hopefuls despite reaching the grand old age of 40.
Yet with the Dodgers and Giants tied for the National League wild-card lead and in a showdown series, Daal had a serious brain cramp Tuesday night.
Daal has watched in awe as evergreen Brewster continues to dazzle up front for Aberdeen despite reaching the grand old age of 40.
But Daal, who will start tonight's friendly with Bohemians, is happy to bide his time.
Odalis Perez struggled and Daal lost his second start in a row Wednesday.
Dons striker Dyron Daal starts tonight's friendly and will continue to play without pay to try and seal a dream move to Pittodrie.
Left-hander Omar Daal was the latest starter to take his lumps, following in the path of Andy Ashby, Kazuhisa Ishii, Kevin Brown and Odalis Perez.
He added that a shopkeeper, Zahid, was arrested on Monday for selling daal Mash at Rs180 per kilogram which was purchased by him from Faisalabad market at Rs170 per kg.
Jattay ki daal is famous throughout the city, especially among local food lovers, despite its shortcomings.
Promo image for "The Science of Sleep" from Cinema Daal's Facebook, December 17, 2017 -- Cinema Daal official Facebook page CAIRO -- 19 December 2017: Director Michael Gondry's 2006 romantic-fantasy comedy "The Science of Sleep" will be screening at Cinema Daal on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.
The prices of pulses: Daal Gram (small) will be sold in the open market at Rs 88 per kg, Daal Ggram (big) Rs 90 per kg, Daal Moong (washed) Rs 62 per kg, Daal Moong (unwashed) Rs 70 per kg, Daal Mash (washed) imported Rs 102 per kg, Daal Mash (unwashed) imported Rs 85 per kg, Daal Masoor (big) imported Rs 64 per kg, Daal Masoor local Rs 120 per kg.