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missionary work for Islam


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If this is not the case, the Da'ee may switch over to someone else and make him the target of his Da'wah effort.
A Da'ee must maintain the tranquility of his mind, coolness in his behavior, a smile on his face, nobleness in his gestures and temperament, and softness in his language, even in extremely provocative situations.
As discussed earlier a Da'ee has to develop 'regular-follow- up' habit as one of his or her characteristics, if he or she is to succeed in Da'wah efforts.
It depends on the ingenuity and the choice of the Da'ee as to the method he prefers at what time.
Issue oriented programmes are another aspect of Da'wah that needs serious attention of the Da'ee.
A Da'ee needs these qualities of heart and mind more than anyone else in this world.