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a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group

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The point is to utilize this knowledge in a positive and constructive manner to help make a positive difference in the society and the country, and which is precisely why the DYS has been organized.
I am fully aware of the daily burden on DYS and the yeoman's work done by your employees,'' Naughton wrote.
Jurdi also announced that DYS would launch a website where scholars, teachers and professors would be able to publish their research on learning disabilities.
The PCR efficiencies for the DYS and SRY assays are nearly optimal and comparable to those of previously published data (3).
In a previous study [26], DYS, AC, and IS (three distinct adaptational subgroups of the MPI-SCI of nearly equal proportions) were identified.
3) DYS staff will help young people develop and demonstrate "competencies," or proactive and positive skills.
Originally conceived in 1970 as a summer program of tutoring and field trips for DYS youths by Harvard University students, the program was later developed into a comprehensive aftercare program for youths leaving the institution.
Not only does the program note significant reductions in violence while youth are enrolled in DYS, over 90 percent of youth avoid further incarceration for three years or more after graduating from the program.
Monday, the Eliot and DYS officials said the house would be for boys up to age 18, and be approximately eight students.
The Chalkville campus, owned and operated by DYS, was the traditional secure training school for females committed by the state's juvenile courts to the department.
Summary: Training for teachers on how to assist children with learning disabilities began Thursday in Beirut, as part of a conference organized by the DYS learning organization.
Lead moderator for the site is DYS Analytics CEO Stefan Mehlhorn, a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years cultivating firms with mission-critical, enterprise class software solutions.
Any exceptions to approved period of initial transition housing stay will be determined on a case-by-case basis and must be initiated and approved by DYS
He was offered his current position within a year of beginning his employment with DYS as a youth services case manager.