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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Our figures indicate that DVD-RAM currently maintains a 55% share of the worldwide DVD Recorder deck market, which encompasses the United States, Japan and Western Europe.
The unique benefits of DVD-RAM over other formats add a new robustness to interacting with media and data via the UNIX/Linux platforms.
This left the door wide open for Panasonic, Toshiba, and Hitachi to release their second-generation DVD-RAM drives.
The company will also ship a double-sided DVD-RAM disc with a capacity of 5.
The DVD-RAM bridge technology combines ease of use and the random-access performance of a hard drive with more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles.
LEGACY: There is an installed base of DVD-RAM customers to whom Matsushita's drive will be more appealing than Pioneer's; but it's not a huge base, and there is an even smaller installed base of DVD-R drives whose users may be predisposed to go with Pioneer.
Often described as the bridge between business and home applications, DVD-RAM combines the ease of use and random access of a hard drive with more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles and ultra-reliability.
Panasonic Document Imaging Company (a division of Matsushita) was also showing its newest DVD-RAM offering, the easy-to-remember LF-D201U.
The ASACA TeraCart libraries are the world's highest-density, random-access storage solution and can be configured with 1 to 192 DVD-RAM drives and up to 11,600 double-sided 9.
Cygnet Storage Solutions has adapted its Infinidisc jukebox for DVD-RAM use.
The PX-750 is the first drive from Plextor to support DVD-RAM functionality for removable data storage applications.
And DVD-RAM writers have always been able to read CD-R and CD-RW.
has confirmed the growing use of DVD-RAM technology in business applications with the announcement that Dictaphone Corporation is incorporating the Panasonic 5.
The new MegaSTOR drive is the first Triple Format burner offered to the US retail marketplace able to write to DVD+/-R media at 16X speeds and DVD-RAM media at 5X speeds.