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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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In this case, each side must be read directly by flipping the disc over, as the DVD-R format does not currently support dual layer technology.
Life expectancy is a key issue when considering the use of DVD-R for applications such as document imaging and other archival applications.
COMDEX marks the next phase for Rimage in bringing professional, affordable, automated DVD-R solutions to market.
Innovators in the development of CD-R media, Mitsui's advancements in DVD-R media extend beyond improvements in surface printing.
Rimage doesn't miss a beat with their new DVD-R system," said Mitsui president Manabu Furukawa.
With partners such as NewWave Technologies and Pioneer, Ultera is extremely well-positioned to play a key role in fulfilling the potential of DVD-R technology.
With Ultera's DVD-R MultiMaster we offer a unique solution that saves time and money for multiple DVD-R duplication.
Maxell understands these unique requirements and has responded with the medical-grade reliability of our DVD-R Medical solution.
In essence, DVD-R dics can be thought of as enormous "bit buckets.