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a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance


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Players go head-to-head answering trivia questions based on video clips, images and facts from "The Office" using their DVD remote control and moving around the game board.
Each scene in a TellX Active Video DVD is fully interactive and features "on-demand" content at a touch of a button using the existing DVD remote control.
99, excluding tax, includes: a 40GB Sony PS3 game console that also plays Blu-ray DVDs, PS3/Blu-ray DVD remote, HDMI cable, "Spiderman 3" Blu-ray disc, "Transformers" PS3 game and a BLOCKBUSTER 12-week PS3/Blu-ray rental card that entitles users to one free PS3 or Blu-ray rental per week for 12 consecutive weeks.
FREE Play Station 2 Deal - 6 FREE Games, FREE "21" DVD and FREE Play Station 2 DVD Remote with the purchase of the Play Station 2 System
The voting is done by friends via the DVD remote, making the "American Idol Talent Challenge" the perfect opening night party accessory.
Newly Available Play and Learn Product Features Ground-Breaking Children's DVD Remote and Interactive Games Developed by Scope Seven
The Bible DVD Game requires only a DVD player, DVD remote control and a TV and has an ESRB rating of "E for Everyone.
won the "Star Wars: Battlefront" grand prize of The Ultimate Star Wars Entertainment Package, consisting of the Star Wars DVD Film Trilogy, the seven-game collection of Star Wars Xbox games, an Xbox console with an Xbox Live Starter Kit and DVD remote, an Intec Star Wars controller, and an Xbox carrying case and screen.
Mint Says, or Grandma Nutt's Musical Moves by clicking the "enter" or "select" button on the DVD remote control.
The Universal Learning(TM) DVD Remote for PlayStation(R)2 sets up quickly and easily and may be used to operate the player's PS2, TV, DVD/AUX, Audio System, SAT/CABLE, CD Player, and VCR.
Using a DVD remote control, players answer compelling trivia questions on their TV while the game keeps score.
In addition, the technology allows viewers to switch between 2D and 3D versions by hitting a single button on the DVD remote control.
A few of the many wireless communications applications discussed included automobile sensors, DVD remote controls, spacecraft command and control and hazmat alerts.
Options include the ability to mouse through the traditional DVD controls such as menu, chapter, title and language options, and an on-screen digital DVD remote.