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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Now that the market for high-definition televisions is heating up, the electronics industry believes the time is right for high-definition DVD players.
The average wholesale price of a portable DVD player is expected to drop to $171 in 2005, compared with $272 in 2004, said Sean Wargo, director of industry analysis at the Consumer Electronics Association.
5 million DVD players were sold to consumers during 2005's first quarter, a 13 percent increase from 2004.
With HP Picture Toolkit software, included on all new HP Pavilion desktop PCs, consumers can easily edit and share digital photos by, for example, creating slide shows with original music on CDs that play on a home DVD player or printing greeting cards with personal photos using ArcSoft PhotoImpression, FunHouse and Greeting Card Creator.
You might rely upon the recommendation of a friend, but most of your friends probably haven't yet purchased a DVD player.
According to DEG data from retailers and manufacturers, 37 million DVD players were sold in 2004, a 10 percent increase over the year before, with more than 17 million players sold in the fourth quarter alone.
Since its initial launch at Comdex in 1998, WinDVD has established itself as the DVD player of choice for major computer manufacturers.
Since HD-DVD player launched in the market and underwent successive sharp drops of prices, the market shares of such products increased rapidly, and the sale price of ordinary DVD players was further lowered.
The Vaddis V's JPEG display capabilities allow consumers to playback pictures from digital cameras via the DVD player and view them on their television, promoting the convergence of DVD and digital camera technologies.
Microsoft announced that the HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 video game console continues to sell rapidly at $199, bundled with the Universal Studios title "King Kong.
The DVD Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based industry-funded nonprofit corporation, estimates that by the end of this year, there will be at least one DVD player in half of the homes in the United States.
Silicon Optix, the leader in programmable video processors, announced today that its Reon-VX HQV video processor will be featured in Toshiba's new top-of-the-line HD DVD player, the HD-XA2.
In 2005 we launched our flagship DVD player, the 5910, featuring HQV processing, and it received rave reviews and won almost every single industry award, including Digital Entertainment Group's 'DVD Player of the Year,' and 'Product of the Year' from Audioholics.