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a cabinet containing an automatic record player

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Digital Video Recording (with the Platinum HDTV Edition providing Over-The-Air High Definition TV and dual SD recordings simultaneously) - Up-scaling DVD Player (Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certified on Platinum Edition) - DVD Jukebox (DVD playback from hard disk thanks to "My Movies") (S1Digital does not provide any means of ripping DVDs and does not condone video piracy) - Digital Music Jukebox and CD Ripping to Hard Disk - Internet Radio, Music and Movie Download Capabilities - 7.
The key benefits of using DVD jukebox storage are the following:
The Guardian and DVD jukebox for long-term archiving of exams.
Pioneer invented the world's first DVD-Recordable drive, DVD jukebox, multiple-disc CD-ROM changer and offered the first multifunction optical drive capable of reading and writing to both MO and WORM.
smartDAX is, in fact, the optimum combination of network-attached RAID technology integrated with DVD jukebox hardware and software.