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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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ClearCube has many customers who need to use DVD drives to read files that are transferred from one location to another via DVD discs.
Quanta, instead, asserted that the fines in the case should be recalculated based on the cost of DVD drives built in its laptops and subject to use of Laser Dynamics's patented technology.
Under the partnership, Hitachi-LG Data Storage will manufacture M-READY DVD drives and market and sell them to its US and international retail channels under its DVD brands.
All those ultraportable using Intel's ULV core processors just got taken to school: Toshiba's Protege R700 is as light as a MacBook Air, nearly as powerful as a Macbook Pro, and measures an inch thick with a DVD drive.
Sony also leads the industry in the number of DVD drives shipped.
The HP Pavilion ze5300 series notebook PCs with rewritable DVD drives provide users the power, connectivity and convenience demanded by today's multimedia applications in a full-functioned device that doubles as a mobile entertainment center when connected to compatible DVD players.
No one would dream of lugging a magnetic tape drive around on the road, but every notebook computer maker offers optional or built-in recordable CD and DVD drives, or combo drives that can handle both media.
IBM plans to substitute the DVD drive for the CD-ROM drive, Sullivan said.
The sources said that Matsushita, a major supplier of slim-type DVD drives in the international market originally shifted production of such products to its Chinese factory from the Philippines, but the results were not so satisfied.
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New firmware would also enable read-only DVD drives to accept DVD-RAM disks.
TDK Snap N' Save CD-R recording media is the perfect everyday solution for recording in computer CD and DVD drives, because it offers broad compatibility with hardware brands and models.
With the burgeoning popularity of both CD-RW and DVD drives, the market is eagerly awaiting an affordable combo drive with performance comparable to today's state-of-the-art individual CD-RW and DVD drives.
By adding the Dual Reflective Layer, Verbatim archival-grade DVD-R media will look like the traditional discs to DVD drives and recorders and can attain the same drive read/write compatibility.