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If a DUT is conformant and functional (and also interoperates) in simple scenarios, the next question is whether the device will "scale" under real-life "load" conditions.
6) Generally, DUT attenuation losses can affect slope of impedance profile, and shift apparent impedance.
The spectral responsivity of a DUT was measured by direct substitution against the ACR.
high-speed digitized measurements for capturing and viewing the power consumption of the DUT (up to every 5 microseconds with its built-in 200-kHz digitizer).
The actual measured incident voltage waveform is recorded from the TDR when the DUT is an open, and this voltage verses time waveform is used in a piecewise linear voltage source.
easy creation of complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in or importing waveform data;
The Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics Department, which started operating last year (2013), was established as a result of a partnership between DUT and the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department.
The carrier is mounted on a solid support, or on a pusher, which can be segmented and articulated, with proper cushioning as necessary, to apply just the right amount of force and to avoid excessive scratching of the contact pads or total damage of the DUT.
The DUT could be rated up to 10 MW electrical output on the 15 MW test rig, with the lower test requirement boundary being a generator rated to 1MW electrical output on the 3MW test rig.
IVZ and DUT have the greatest influence over ethnic Albanians.
With the Matrix, the V5000e offers users expanded functionality and performance, now able to test 12 DUT in parallel.
In June of this year when the decision on expansion of DUT was brought in Skopje, Struga and Kicevo, only Debar was not mentioned.
The AMBA AHB VIP provides all necessary building blocks to easily test master/salve DUT with the AHB protocol.
The Ministry of Education and the Tetovo State University (DUT) are silent regarding threats of the Magna Charta Observatory for throwing out DUT from the Bologna process.