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Synonyms for duo

Synonyms for duo

two persons united, as by marriage

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for duo

two performers or singers who perform together

a pair who associate with one another

a musical composition for two performers

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The attorneys are also very talented at speaking with clients who have been arrested for DUI and can sometimes discover factors that may have resulted in incorrect field sobriety tests; this includes if the road was uneven or if the driver was sick.
Keeping in mind that premium increases can vary drastically from place to place, our list illustrates where drivers face much higher car insurance increases after a DUI conviction.
RYDinKy @RYDinKy wrote: "I am not sure which is the MOST ignorant: Khloe kardashian using DUI photos OR @peoplemag actually sharing this.
The law is very strict when it comes to DUI," he said.
Even quotes leaned more towards the justice process, such as those from police, district attorney, judge, while there were no words from public health stakeholders or DUI advocacy groups, the study claims.
Another problem relates to the amount of paperwork and the need to frequently reexamine the completed work cards to calculate such items as the number of hours, number of organizations, and how many hours are left to complete the community service portion of the DUI probation program.
Second, multiple stakeholders shared concerns that the integrity of DUI evaluations was being compromised by reliance on self-reports, inconsistent access to criminal and driving/insurance records, and instruments that did not collect critical areas of information (e.
Though the trend for Eglin had been a steady increase in the number of DUIs since 2003, Capt Mitzi Mitchell said the base has begun to see a decrease in DUI numbers compared with the first quarter of 2005.
Typically, sobriety checkpoints do not yield a large volume of DUI arrests.
Jane Hull signed a bill Wednesday afternoon, lowering the extreme DUI limit from .
So, with the assistance of the Allentown Health Bureau, these individuals were brought together to form a group called the Allentown/Lehigh County DUI Advisory Task Force, later to be called the DUI Advisory Council.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced today that California's DUI deaths reached their lowest level ever in 2010.
com has released a new blog post explaining how to expunge a DUI for getting better auto insurance prices.
Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, a first time DUI offense can carry thousands of dollars in fines, a possible jail sentence, a license suspension and enrolling in a DUI program.
A 64-year-old retiree was charged with a DUI after being pulled over by police officers in Surprise, Ariz.