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Synonyms for dude

an informal form of address for a man


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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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Professor Fergus Lowe, chairman of Food Dudes and former Bangor University academic, said: "Winning this tender with our partners will allow us to build on the rollout of the Food Dudes programme into new regions of the UK.
The news the boogaloo dudes are carrying is indeed one of apocalypse, certainly for the Diamond Geezers and capitalism as we know it, and perhaps for the rest of us as well.
Food Dudes creator Professor Fergus Lowe said: "The aim now is to introduce the programme to schools across the globe.
The innovative and award-winning Food Dudes programme is coming to 30 schools in Coventry over three years.
The Food Dudes programme changes children's eating habits for life and is designed for children aged four to 11.
Schools would be provided with Food Dudes DVDs and other educational material, while children would receive a variety of rewards for eating fruit and vegetables, such as stickers and certificates.
Such a search in July 2004 yielded millions of commercial websites belonging to entrepreneurial dudes, including Pizza Dude, Beer Dude, ArtDude, DrummerDude, the more serious CVSDude, firedude (a resource site for firefighters), Deaf Dude (resources for the deaf), and even the fearless Public Defender Dude.
And if anybody has what it takes to hold out for the right dude to come around, it's you, stubborn (er, patient) Taurus.
I call my mom dude sometimes, and she gets (ticked) off," says Liza Yanovich, a University of Oregon freshman, as she lay in the sun recently, with her dudes, outside Hamilton Hall on campus.
The new Food Dudes are the modern day answer to Popeye the sailorman, whose love of spinach gave him heroic strength.
com serves a growing population of dudes who share a common bond; unsound, unstable, and deranged ex-wives.
Usually in these Canvas features I see dudes that are way better at art than skating, which is totally fine.
A group of Dudes were the winners of this year's Visionary Award, which as handed out at the conclusion of the Vision 2013 Consumer Products Conference in Orlando, FL in January.
Dig this: Two months ago, two righteous dudes were busted (sorry, man, Hebrew only) for ordering weed online and having it delivered to their homes.