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acute delirium caused by alcohol poisoning

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Creative and DTS recognize that the PC is becoming a hub for entertainment much like the home theatre system," said Glenn Arentzoff, Licensing Manager, Emerging Markets at DTS.
In just a few years, stereos, computers and even car music systems will use the DTS system that creates six channels of crisp and clean sound, according to company officials.
At DTS, we are thrilled to announce new production tools that continue to make the Blu-ray audio production process faster, easier, and more accessible than ever," says Ronny Katz, Director of Professional Audio at DTS.
The split right now is about equal between Dolby, DTS and SDDS, "with slightly more DTS," Stokes said.
The agreement also calls for DTS to work together with DCL to manage the upgrade, expansion and operation of the network.
We are now able to offer aacPlus/DTS transcoding on all advanced chip sets such as STi7100 and STi7109, and we are very pleased by the cooperation with Coding Technologies and DTS on this technology.
1-channel DTS-HD Master Audio playback of tracks from acclaimed Electronica Composer / Producer BT's newest release, This Binary Universe, from DTS Entertainment
The DTS-HD Master Audio bit stream also contains the DTS 1.
Sonic Solutions is a leading supplier of DVD and new high definition format authoring and encoding solutions for Hollywood, and DTS is pleased to work alongside them to provide our professional solutions for both current and high definition optical disc formats," said John Carey, Director of Business Development, Professional Audio at DTS.
Neyrinck is releasing their SoundCode for DTS plug-in for Pro Tools that integrates DTS encoding and decoding technologies into the industry-leading digital audio workstation Pro Tools by Digidesign.
DTS will also display a series of hardware tools jointly developed by DTS and Linear Acoustic that provide enhanced performance for broadcast contribution, distribution and emission workflows of multi-channel audio.
The DTS-HD Master Audio Suite (MAS) provides an easy-to-use interface for encoding audio bit streams for HD DVD and Blue-ray Disc as well as DVD and DTS 5.
MPEG-4 aacPlus/DTS Audio Transcoding System and Linear Acoustic Contribution Chain Implementation of DTS Coherent Acoustics Provide Broadcasters with Highly Advanced Solutions for Discrete Multi-Channel Sound
DTS demonstrated the full functionality of a next generation disc format with HD video and DTS-HD Master Audio at the Blu-Ray booth using a Blu-ray Disc player connected to a standard A/V receiver with HDMI 1.
DTS Broadcast Business Development Manager Bob Nicholas explains: "With new HD VTRs and video file servers there is no longer a requirement to compress audio, as these have a minimum of eight audio channels -- 5.