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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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Compact and designed to operate either as a Mobile DTV receiver or a DVD player, the DP570MH is ideal for entertaining children in the back seat of a car or for watching local news and Mobile DTV channels on the kitchen countertop.
CBS with ``The Price Is Right'' (soon to be followed by ``Judge Judy'') plus Stanford 14-points up at halftime on DTV means there's a window for the first bathroom break of the day.
Motion picture studios, TV networks, and other companies that produce, publish, or distribute content worry that DTV will allow viewers to record high-quality content, then recirculate it through the Internet or other media, a la Napster.
that receive broadcast television signals: 100% of all such units must include DTV tuners effective July 1, 2007.
Ademas de patrocinar y operar centros de tecnologia, DTV ofrece capital, asesoria y servicios asociados al mercado de tecnologia de America Latina.
The end goal is an enjoyable and secure Mobile DTV experience for our viewers.
Ideal for reception of Mobile DTV any time, virtually anywhere, and at any speed, the DP570MH Mobile DTV offers the flexibility of both over-the-air reception and the convenience of built-in DVD playback.
Initially, much of DTV simply will be the station's analog feed converted to a digital format, but there will be some direct digital transmission of major programs.
Besides cable DTV, China's terrestrial DTV, satellite DTV and IPTV all develop rapidly.
3 Prediction of China DTV CA Card Distribution Trend
In the future, a great number of DTV HD channels and specialized channels will mushroom in China, and Pay-TV will develop further.
The emerging ATSC Mobile DTV Standard allows broadcasters to use a variable portion of the existing 19.
Showplace for Mobile DTV Consumer Devices Co-Sponsored by ATSC, CEA, OMVC, NAB
This product makes DTV over IP a reality at fantastic savings to the industry.
The market for digital television (DTV) sets is being governed by the switchover from analog to digital broadcasts, the emergence of developing countries as DTV consumers, and the emergence of networking and wireless connectivity options.