magnetic tape

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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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In addition to its significant India operations, DST also has offices in Thailand and the U.
deputy assistant secretary for transportation Linda Lawson told Congress in 2001 that DST energy savings claims were based on studies 25 years old and "limited in scope.
Unlike members of a team who work side-by-side on a daily basis, the contingency DST was task organized from Headquarters 599th in Hawaii, as well as all three subordinate battalions in Japan, Okinawa and Korea.
But because DST could offer such diverse services that were often unmatched by other engineering firms, the company soon found itself using the specialty resources of two or three branch offices for one major project.
Antonie Roux, head of Naspers's internet operations, commented: "We have known DST and its management for years and we share a similar view and approach.
Each year, DST Output and its affiliates produce more than 2 billion customer communications, delivered throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe via postal service, express delivery and over the Internet.
While users of the most current generations of operating systems, such as Windows Vista, XP, 2003, or Mac OS X, are assured the DST transition will be relatively smooth, Microsoft did not publicly release a patch for earlier systems such as Windows 2000, which still has a large installed base.
Kelle Hennier, Director of Home Office Solutions at DST will be present to accept the award on DST's behalf.
Not patching these DST issues before the deadline may cause business disruption, frustrate customers and add unwanted costs.
Mexico will not be following the new DST 2007 rules, which means systems configured to use U.
On an earnings per share basis, the transaction is projected to be breakeven to DST in the first year.
It is one of the most innovative schemes that the DST has introduced to capture the outside-the-box ideas of the young for the benefit of society," said Dr.
With the advent of new DST dates beginning March 11 this year, Solaris[TM] users require a software patch in order for the operating system to correctly calculate the time change.
Through its global enterprise, DST delivers strategically unified data management, business processing and customer communications solutions to the asset management, brokerage, retirement, and healthcare markets.