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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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The DSS has been used for landmine clearance, awareness, and training efforts in Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Estonia, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, Laos, Mauritania, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Rwanda, United States, and Zimbabwe.
DSS RP can make sand cores and/or molds with either silica or zircon sand that has been pre-coated with a B-staged phenolic/novolac resin.
In fact, DSS goes two giant steps beyond the VCR/video rental industry.
Over the years we've worked with DSS as a partner in several projects for the Veterans Administration and found synergies between our core competencies and DSS expertise.
RCA will provide in-depth sales training for 5,000 Sears Brand Central sales associates to help them fully understand DSS and USSB programming.
It demonstrates that by combining our technologies with the printing capabilities we acquired earlier this year, and that by aligning ourselves with such distribution partners as IDI, we have positioned DSS on the path to significant growth in 2007 and beyond.
The agreement with MWE allows DSS to use its common stock to eliminate the Company's cash requirements for MWE's legal fees related to the ECB litigation, not to exceed $1.
BTI believes that based on the enormity of the Chinese market and China's need for our anti-counterfeiting technology, this agreement alone could produce annual revenue in the multi-millions for DSS," Mr.
This is because WINMED Professional provides the full suite of unique reports that a FQHC is required to produce and because DSS also offers Dental Record Manager Plus and Mental Health Treatment Planner which are integrated modules that meet the clinical documentation needs of many FQHCs.
The PCI DSS now has additional implications in light of other privacy regulations such as GLBA and California's Senate Bill 1386.
As a long-time internal development partner of the VA focusing on VistA, DSS is keenly interested in seeing that the robust EHR works successfully in the community and has constructed www.
DSS has established itself as a premier consulting firm through its delivery of performance-driven solutions, including its specialized offerings around PeopleSoft(R) EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management, maximizing its clients' total ownership experience.
Elias comes to DSS with over 20 years experience in the software industry and operations/financial management.
DSS Software Technologies, a four-year-old Oakland-based high-tech staffing firm, announced today the opening of their newest office in Oak Brook, a western suburb of Chicago.
DSS is firmly committed to the concept of management planning and control, which comprises planning, budgeting, reporting and analysis, and the benefits it will bring to its extensive client base.