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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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The Actiontec USB/Ethernet Home DSL Modem with Routing Capabilities combines a full-rate ADSL modem with a built-in router.
Two WAN ports to permit Internet connection sharing -- a USB WAN port for use with the Actiontec USB Home DSL Modem, and an Ethernet WAN port for use with an Ethernet Cable or DSL modem from any vendor.
a manufacturer of broadband-based application and Internet access products, has launched its complete line of DSL modems in New Zealand.
We are better able to meet our customers -- and thus their customers' -- high standards for USB DSL modems due to Virata's own high quality Helium processors that power our Leopard family line.
The Actiontec USB Home DSL Modem includes everything a user would need to easily install DSL by their self.
The SpeedStream 5251 is a standalone external DSL modem offering quick and easy installation, while capable of delivering high-speed symmetrical data rates of up to 2.
Service providers such as SBC developed management systems that gave them the ability to use information available from DSL modems to monitor the performance of each line even if the subscriber has not registered a complaint.
A complete self-installation kit, the Actiontec Home DSL Modem includes everything a user would need to easily install DSL by themselves.
Rolls Out Broadband Multirate DSL Modem Supporting 4-6-10 Mbps
Based on Centillium's new chipset, we have developed a DSL modem that simply plugs into any USB port and draws power through the connection.
The filter provides one filtered jack to connect a phone device and one unfiltered jack (a convenience jack) for connecting a DSL modem or home phoneline network (HPN) device.