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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Kare Stolt, vice president and chief operating officer, DSC Communications A/S, commented, "This contract with our strategic customer in Denmark represents another indication of our technological leadership in SDH network solutions and network design.
DSC Logistics, a leading supply chain management company with a nationwide network, focuses on supply chain capabilities that are based on changing customer needs.
DSC's transport systems group provides a variety of transmission platforms to Pacific Bell, including digital cross-connects such as the DSC DEXCS1 and DEXCS1L.
The agreement also includes a cooperative relationship between DSC and TI's Multimedia Technology Laboratory for speech recognition, which is based in Dallas.
DSC Communications Corporation is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of digital switching, transmission, access and private network system products for the worldwide telecommunications marketplace.
By collaborating with our customer partners, DSC is truly 'ready for anything
MegaHub is a registered trademark of DSC Communications Corporation.
DSC is managing all warehousing services for MeadWestvaco's Packaging Resources Group at the Florence, Kentucky, Logistics Center.
Mediaspan(TM) - This DSC solution utilizes hybrid fiber/coax
The net result is a judgment of $300,000 in favor of DSC which
NOTE TO EDITORS: Under the terms of the agreement DSC will
DSC Logistics Will Help Culligan to Implement Supply Chain Restructuring
PB11 is not the only project bringing DSC its much-needed office
CHICAGO -- DSC Logistics, a leading supply chain management company with a global network, has named Greg Goluska as vice president, chief information officer.
NanoMarkets has been covering the ups and downs of the DSC sector for the past five years and we believe that DSC is entering into a new era.