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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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In fusing radical design with eminently sensible engineering, the DS brand has created an intriguing and attractive proposition with this improved DS4 BlueHDi 120 model.
Overall, the Citroen DS4 DSport has a high quality feel to it with soft to the touch plastics and comfortable seating inside while underneath there is plenty of grip on offer.
And the best thing about the DS4 is that you get all that performance with the bonus of a more spacious interior than the MINI and a sensible sized boot.
The DS4 is the second model launched by the French car maker in a bold bid to offer upmarket alternatives to more mainstream offerings.
It's all part of how the DS4 engages on a more emotional level that most - and brings a real joie de vivre to the motoring experience.
The DS4 is a five-door hatch that looks like a coupe, thanks in part, to cleverly designed rear door handles which are built into the rear window frames to disguise them so the car looks like a two-door.
Their loss is our gain, because the DS4 is one totally glittery motor.
I don't know whether I would agree with that, but the DS4 is certainly a stylish motor and a giant step up from the company's rather mundane C4 on which it is based.
Similar in size to a C3, it will challenge the Mini and Alfa Romeo Mito in the cool city car stakes, and will be followed by the C4-sized DS4 and Mondeo-baiting DS5.
The DS, or Different Spirit, is still a concept but production could start next year with three variants, the DS3, DS4 and DS5.
Assim, foram identificados, em funcao das camadas de coleta, da seguinte forma: a) para a camada de 0-0,10 m, DS1, UG1, UV1 e RP1; b) para a camada de 0,10-0,20 m, DS2, UG2, UV2 e RP2; c) para a camada de 0,20-0,30 m, DS3, UG3, UV3 e RP3; e d) para a camada de 0,30-0,40 m, DS4, UG4, UV4 e RP14.
Drilling as deep as 1 meter beneath the surface, DS4 is expected to scoop up about 100 cubic centimeters of material, about the volume of a tennis ball.
Its DS3 was a hot hatch with a bit of attitude and now there's the DS4.
This would be a sensational flagship above the DS3, DS4 and DS5.