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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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Unlike consumer-grade USB modems, Inseego's Skyus DS2 is compact and constructed to withstand the high heat tolerances needed for continuous-use.
Launched in 2014, DS2 Hosting built and hosted hundreds of websites utilising the community edition of Magento.
Figure 4 and Table 5 show the results with DS2 for our PDE model with parameters a = 156, b = 0.
Nas figuras 1 e 2, as cokrigagens VOL=f(DBC) e VOL=f(DS2) apresentaram, nos sitios de menores DBC (2,04-2,26m), coincidentes com os maiores DS2 (1,432-1,513kg [dm.
Using the SDK, new protocols can be ported to DS2 platform in a matter of weeks.
All powerline products previewed carry the Universal Powerline Association 'UPA Plugtested' official seal of quality, and are powered by the DS2 chipset, claiming to be the only 200Mbps chip being shipped globally into consumer applications.
Series DS2 IEC non-fused disconnect switches are suitable for rugged applications and are designed to fit control panel and motor circuit disconnecting requirements.
By working with DS2, we've developed the ideal solution for successfully bridging the gap in areas of the home network that aren't conducive to wireless, without requiring a clutter of cords.
P owns 100% of the stock of DS1, 60% of the stock of DS2 and 100% of the stock of FS1.
It is the only legal system on the market that can detect all types of speed camera, from Gatso and Truvelo, to DS2 Speedmaster and mobile police laser traps.
Late last year, Young Touchstone debuted the DS2 range which builds upon the features and benefits of the DS1 products and adds CuproBraze heat transfer technology.
44 MHz clock and clocks for services delivered over ST-BUS, DSI/EI, DS2 and DS3/E3.
The mission of the enclave is to store, maintain, ship, and dispose of the stocks of DS2 located at the decommissioned Seneca Army Depot Activity (SEDA) that had been operated by the Operations Support Command (OSC).
As a result, DS2 operators can now perform the test under a protocol validated by Biohit.
Assim, foram coletados os seguintes atributos do solo: a) macroporosidade (MA1, MA2, MA3); b) microporosidade (MI1, MI2, MI3); c) porosidade total (PT1, PT2, PT3); e d) densidade do solo (DS1, DS2, DS3).