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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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LAS VEGAS -- DS2, the leading technology innovator and global supplier of high-speed powerline communications technology, announced today that it is featuring its fully interoperable 100Mbps, 200Mbps and future 400Mbps powerline communication technologies for multi-room IPTV, audio, gaming and broadband home networking and entertainment applications, at CES 2009 which opened today.
The latest DS2 chipsets and built-in Quality of Service (QoS) ensure fast, high-quality, consistent performance for real-time HD video and audio streaming for a digital media adapter (DMA) like the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer HD (EVA8000), or for IPTV, Internet gaming, and VoIP calls.
The DS2 NSNs affected are 4230-00-7201618 (M11 DAP), 4230-01-133-4124 (M13 DAP), 6850-01-136-8888 (M13 refill), 6850-00753-4870 (5-gal pail) and 6850-00-753-4827 (1 1/3-qt can).
We are glad to work with companies like DS2 to ensure that users of powerline networking products enjoy the full potential of Windows Vista and can easily share multimedia content with their Xbox 360 or other Media Center Extender devices across their home networks.
All powerline products previewed carry the Universal Powerline Association 'UPA Plugtested' official seal of quality, and are powered by the DS2 chipset, claiming to be the only 200Mbps chip being shipped globally into consumer applications.
As a leader in the consumer electronics market, NETGEAR is the perfect partner to bring DS2's 200 Mbps Powerline technology to a growing number of consumers who require multi-device, multi-location broadband connectivity within the home," said Jorge Blasco, chief executive officer of DS2.
P owns 100% of the stock of DS1, 60% of the stock of DS2 and 100% of the stock of FS1.
It is the only legal system on the market that can detect all types of speed camera, from Gatso and Truvelo, to DS2 Speedmaster and mobile police laser traps.
The mission of the enclave is to store, maintain, ship, and dispose of the stocks of DS2 located at the decommissioned Seneca Army Depot Activity (SEDA) that had been operated by the Operations Support Command (OSC).
April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ZADATS announces the release of DS2, a uniquely flexible, secure and scalable data sharing solution for the Law Enforcement community.
Providing various automated ELISA analyzer reagents compatible with DS2 - in quantity and specification of the specification.
Citroen, a France-based automaker, is planning to manufacture a production version of the Revolte concept vehicle name DS2.
DS2, a developer and supplier of high speed powerline technology, announced on 7 December that D-Link, a consumer network solutions provider, has selected Aitana, DS2's 200Mb/s powerline chipset, to feature in the D-Link Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter (DHP-302).
DS2 have announced a dedicated customer service and technical support office in Taiwan that will provide a high level of value-added services for its OEM and ODM customers in Taiwan and the greater Asian market.
DS2 the Powerline Chipset provider, have announced that the development of Universal Powerline Association (UPA) technology has reached the point where it claims to be the dominant provider for the home networking needs of the IPTV industry.