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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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The FLASHWAVE 4010 platform is available in four configurations -- seven DS-1, unprotected OC-3; seven DS-1, protected OC-3; three DS3, unprotected OC-3; and three DS-3, protected OC-3.
Phil Levy, vice president of product marketing noted, "With the turnkey design of our Pro-Managed DS-1 Internet Solution, we are targeting the needs of a wide range of users, including those that have no Internet experience; business customers with a limited MIS staff; as well as large corporations that need additional support.
The DS-1 and E1 interfaces support both structured and unstructured circuit emulation.
Target LLC will merge into JV Domestic; CFC-1 will contribute CFC-2 in exchange for an interest in JV Domestic, FS-2 will transfer its interest in JV Domestic to FS-1 and withdraw and DS-1 will transfer its interest in JV Domestic to DS-2 and withdraw.
The three new devices for SONET are the Level 3 Mapper (L3M), which maps DS-3 or E-3 line signals into the SONET/SDH format; the Advanced DS- 3/STS-1 Receiver/Transmitter (ART), which provides a single chip line interface for DS-3 and STS-1, and the M13E, which multiplexes and demultiplexes 28 DS-1 signals into a DS-3 signal.
Now, with the advent of the latest fractional T1 (FT1) services, the way is open to provide customers nearly unlimited bandwidth options up to the DS-1 rate.
RAD's solution for Ethernet over DS-1, DS-3 and OC-3 comprises of the Egate, an aggregation device typically deployed in a POP, and the RIC products, typically deployed at the customer premises.