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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Direct USB sync with DROID X works in tandem with an Android app called DejaOffice([TM]), which provides contact-manager-like address book, calendar, tasks and notes apps.
Wireless sync through Google relies on the built-in integration the DROID X has with Google Contacts and Google Calendar.
On-camera interviews with customers who purchased the DROID X smartphone at a special midnight store opening can now be viewed:
Images of customers purchasing DROID X on its first day of sale - many Verizon Wireless Communications Stores opened early to meet customer demand - are also available in the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library (www.
DROID X also comes with loads of memory -- 8 gigabyte (GB) onboard and a 16GB memory card.
3-inch high-resolution screen on DROID X for viewing the latest movies from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand presented by V CAST Video.
A new video from Verizon Wireless takes viewers along as customers experience DROID X for the first time.
DROID X takes that commitment to another level with exclusive content, faster processing speeds, and, of course, the reliability of our network.