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the organization in the Defense Logistics Agency that inventories and evaluates and sells reusable United States government surplus

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DRMS infected plants and DCs can inadvertently drive good carriers away by being unresponsive.
Teams cured of DRMS are not afraid of conducting dry runs within their team and then again in conjunction with their business partners.
Working in partnership with the military services and contractors, the Precious Metals Recovery program recovered more than $8 million in silver, gold, platinum and palladium in 2005," said John Barrett of the DRMS Precious Metals Recovery program.
Reutilization: A military unit that can use equipment turned-in to DRMS is money saved by not buying new equipment.
The DRMS National Sales Office has a commercial venture partnership with Government Liquidation to purchase and re-sell all non-derail-required usable property in the United States, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
DRMS also offers a sales service for those DoD customers who have direct sales authority (such as under the Exchange Sale Program).
Before having your inventory control point fill orders for property, make it standard procedure to check the DRMS web site at www.
The Tachyon system will allow DRMS personnel at Bagram to access the DRMS intranet, which gives them links to the applications vital to their day-to-day operations and to the DAISY/VIPER property accounting system, which they use to track DRMS inventory.
These awards signify the great working relationship that Agility and Taos Industries have developed with DRMS.
The DRMS project was undertaken to define the causes of levee failure in the Delta and Suisun Marsh, to help quantify the risks associated with levee failure, and to improve management of State funding that supports levee maintenance and improvement.
DRMS plans to assess major risks to the Delta from floods, climate change, subsidence, and earthquakes.
Effective December 1, 2006, LSI will process selected DoD surplus property, including Batch Box items, through the CPC's and provide DRMS with additional information following the breakdown and inspection of these items.
The contract has a term of three years and covers the sale of all surplus vehicles and vehicular parts, components and equipment throughout Germany as well as all miscellaneous equipment and supplies located at DRMS facilities in Kaiserslautern and Germersheim.
is the result of a partnership with DRMS to privatize the sale of DoD surplus property.