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DRM penetration is proportional to both enterprise revenues and employee numbers 25
Based on the deployment experience of over 450 customer sites of various industries, Fasoo was also able to minimize the requirements of DRM Client, resulting in significantly enhanced usability while maintaining persistent protection.
Have You Ever Purchased or Used Any Type of Media (Music, Video, or Other) That Used DRM or Content Protection Technology?
We believe that XDRM will increase the Web service quality and maximize the value of the Web assets based on the robust Web DRM technologies with highly reduced response time and server load," commented Dr.
We believe Discretix multi-scheme DRM will help create a solid and reliable technology platform that will benefit users and content providers alike," said Gal Salomon, CEO of Discretix.
Windows Media DRM 10 for Portable Devices (WMDRM-PD): WMDRM-PD enables secure delivery of protected content for playback on portable devices such as mobile phones and personal media players.
Enterprises continue to create and produce information that is stored in digital formats, creating a need for systems like DRM.
Hence, in keeping with the development of standards, mobile DRM is rapidly progressing to provide improved content protection.
The addition of CryptoCell-based OMA DRM onto the MAP family will give handset manufacturers optimized DRM that covers the device as well as all onboard applications and content.
Numerous companies, amongst them Nokia, Motorola, QUALCOMM, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson are testing their DRM agent implementation against all OMA DRM 2.
This report helps clients to analyze the opportunities and factors critical to the future success of DRM technology.
These recommendations offer best practices for DRM usage to ensure the growth of digital distribution services without compromising the flexibility that consumers demand.
INSIDE Secure, a leader in embedded solutions for securing transactions, content and digital identity, today announces that TV Bank, a live video distribution system and video provider for 3G mobile phones and iOS devices in Japan, has selected INSIDE s DRM Fusion Server to protect its live streaming service BBTVNEXT.