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The DRM consortium greatly appreciates the offer of the BBC to take the lead in this enterprise announcing that it is ready to host the DRM Project Office in London.
The directive supports DRM use by protecting technical measures and requiring member states to take into account the application and non-application of technological measures when providing for fair compensation in the context of the private use exception for which fair compensation is required.
Boom in Digital Media Market to Provide Opportunities for DRM
Table 5: Global Sales of Smartphones (2013 & 2018): Breakdown of Annual Shipments in 000 Units by Geographic Region/Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12 Proposed HTML5 Support for DRM: A Major Gain for the Market II-13 New Business Models and Delivery Pipelines to Drive DRM Market Growth II-13 Increased Awareness Over the Monetary Benefits of DRM Increases DRM Adoption II-13 Improvements in DRM Interoperability to Drive Effective Content Delivery II-14 Digital Watermarks Market to Grow II-14 Myriad Challenges Impede Market Growth II-15 Market Outlook II-15 2.
Competitive Scenario II-13 Global Media & Entertainment DRM II-13
Modevity Introduces Imperium(TM) DRM for Corporate Content
Understand the changing preferences of users and technology evolution in the DRM space
Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems help advance the development of next-generation software on embedded devices, and Discretix's experience in DRM and embedded security solutions offers developers a solid way to protect their content creations from unauthorized devices and applications.
Microsoft Windows Media DRM 10 for Network Devices (WMDRM-ND); WMDRM-NDT/NDR enables secure delivery of protected content for playback on a home entertainment network.
LAS VEGAS -- Discretix, the leading provider of embedded security and DRM solutions for mobile devices and flash memory, today announced that its Multi-Scheme DRM client has been selected by BenQ for use in its next generation, high lifestyle BenQ-Siemens feature phones.
As the DRM industry is beginning to gain momentum, vendors with solutions for the enterprise or entertainment market are poised to gain significantly.
Several content owners, including large media houses, are in need of best-of-breed DRM system solutions for maximum interoperability.
Drawing upon in-depth discussions with senior-level representatives at InterTrust, Microsoft and ContentGuard, this report explains the history of DRM standardisation efforts, summarises the current status of the relevant DRMs, both fixed and mobile and then provides a detailed description of the most interesting initiative in the market today: the DRM interoperability framework being developed by the Coral Consortium.
The addition of CryptoCell-based OMA DRM onto the MAP family will give handset manufacturers optimized DRM that covers the device as well as all onboard applications and content.