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a British doctorate

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Looking at Ed, the urbane Oxford DPhil, few would deduce his boyhood times of growing up in modest circumstances in regional England, as the son of a mechanical engineer.
G David Baxter TD BSc(Hons) DPhil PhD MBA MCSP MNSP, Professor and Dean, Centre for Physiotherapy Research, School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago
Antonio Gotto, MD, DPhil, of Cornell University discussed that lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels is essential for cardiovascular health, noting that no threshold has been identified below which risk vanishes.
Dr Williams--he took his DPhil in 1975 from Wadham College, Oxford--is a noted poet and translator of poetry.
He obtained MA, DPhil, and DSc degrees from Oxford University for studies in biological sciences.
Segundo Black, Dphil e Cole, (2001) as pesquisas dieteticas frequentemente apresentam uma variedade de ingestao de energia que, nos extremos da distribuicao, nao conseguem representar a ingestao habitual que mantem a estabilidade, em longo prazo, do peso de um individuo.
Steve Brown received a DPhil in chemistry in 1985 from the University of York, England, after receiving his BSc in chemistry from the University of London in 1981.
The author, who holds a DPhil degree in international history from the London School of Economics and History, demonstrates a thorough understanding of both the men and events that shaped America's awakening to the dangers of the Cold War.
Graham now combines his basketball heroics with reading for a DPhil in atmospheric physics.
He did a DPhil with Barry Sandywell at York and his first publication was co-authored with the new criminologist, Laurie Taylor (Crook and Taylor, 1980).
In a statement, Downing Street said: 'The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Canon Dr Jeffrey Philip Hywel John, MA, DPhil, Canon Theologian at Southwark Cathedral, to the Deanery of St Albans in succession to the Very Reverend Christopher Lewis.
Robert Vilain's excellent book, based on his revised and extended DPhil thesis, goes beyond these earlier studies in several respects.
In this highly readable adaptation of his Oxford DPhil.