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(military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry

a drug combination found in some over-the-counter headache remedies (aspirin and phenacetin and caffeine)

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1] 2,12 [+ o -] 2,04 a 3,98 [+ o -] 3,01 b Ingreso (pesos) 183,59 [+ o -] 72,84 a 481,26 [+ o -] 103,62 b Indice Tecnologico 9,08 [+ o -] 3,16 a 10,88 [+ o -] 3,59 b Variable\Grupo DP3 * DP4 * Edad (Anos) 50,64 [+ o -] 12,69 a 75,33 [+ o -] 10,01 b Escolaridad (Anos) 8,42 [+ o -] 4,78 b 2,00 [+ o -] 1,73 a Experiencia (anos) 38,64 [+ o -] 12,62 a 57,00 [+ o -] 20,66 a Superficie UP (ha) 85,85 [+ o -] 71,12 c 104,66 [+ o -] 24,33 c Vacas en ordeno 48,21 [+ o -] 16,24 c 76,66 [+ o -] 20,81 d L [vaca.
For all additional information on the DP3 Merrill, click here.
66) Only forty percent of claimants who responded to the survey indicated that the DP3 claims module was "user friendly.
Like the Goliath and Sampson the new vessel will be caterpillar diesel-electric powered through a total of seven thrusters providing C full DP3 capabilities.
Like the OSA Golaith and OSA Sampson the new vessel will be caterpillar diesel-electric powered through a total of seven thrusters providing full DP3 capabilities.
To support DP3, USTRANSCOM is developing a new web-based computer system to handle the personal property program, called the Defense Personal Property System.
The DP3 Decoy Bag from Rig 'Em Right is one of the most versatile bags ever designed.
Our new DP3 pipelay/ hook-up vessel Jascon 25, scheduled for delivery in April 2008, will undertake most of the offshore installation work.
The new AFS technology complements existing standard features on the DP3, such as Narrow Zone Detection and Amplitude Detection.
5] BB22 803 LSC White 290 DP3 177 BB1 169 BBl3 144 P1 139 BB3 127 BB21 120 BB4 84 A&R 68 The average colony-forming-units for the seven fungi capable of growing best in MSM containing monoterpene condensate.
The DP2 (2-inch diameter) and DP3 (3-inch diameter) mud pumps are both made from heavy sand cast aluminum and outfitted with 4 hp Honda engines with automatic low oil shutdown for your protection.
Patients who achieved DN3 or DP3 at syndromal level were defined syndromal depression cases for the purposes of this study.
The company is on course to deliver the newbuild DP3 dive support vessel the Harkand Haldane and the company has also been upgrading several of their fleet assets.
Other DP3 enhancements include, full replacement value for loss and damaged items, electronic vouchers and payments, automated rate filing, and a myriad of other management and analytical tools.
The vessel is modelled on the proprietary 'Red Class 6027' MT design DSCV and is a DP3, 142 m state-of-the-art multipurpose subsea DSCV.