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an operating system that is on a disk

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Email made public as part of Caldera's private antitrust suit against Microsoft revealed that in 1989, chief executive Bill Gates feared that competition was threatening Microsoft's ability to set prices for the DOS operating system.
MBR viruses used to be the most common form of viruses at the time of the DOS operating system about 15 years ago.
PROJECT JUSTIFICATION: The original system was installed in 1991 and the software runs in the DOS operating system.
Lineo's Linux and DOS operating system bases enable Lineo to be very competitive in pricing compared to other embedded software companies.
Segments 3 and 4 of the course address DOS/Windows software issues, including: working in the DOS operating system, installing the Windows operating environment, managing hardware, and setting up applications and networks.
Initial programming was based on the DOS operating system using the MCL(TM) Collection software suite provided by ZETES Technologies, although future plans include moving towards Windows CE based programming.
OpenDOS provides a complete DOS operating system for OEMs and System Integrators.
Industry statistics show that DOS operating system products continue
Yes, the Windows or DOS operating system resides on the same hard drive as the Mac OS.