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an operating system that is on a disk

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The biggest change is the accelerating swing from the DOS operating system to Windows.
This is an opportunity to sell RAM [random access memory], and to sell to those consumers who were so intimidated by the DOS operating system.
Table 1 shows what and where the DOS operating system was loading on boot up before the machine was networked.
The other advantage: Users can easily upgrade their machines to Windows rather than replace the DOS operating system.
A 486/133 CPU with 33 ns cache, numeric coprocessor and DLP graphics are linked with the KNOWBELL [*] software under an extended DOS operating system to provide a powerful system capable of handling the large data volume produced by an RCS measurement radar.
With the move more and more to standard operating systems, the choice for personal computer workstations is the DOS operating system while the choice for multi-tasking and multi-user workstations is UNIX.
Specification:- Hardware:- Lenovo All In One Computer Intel Core I3, 2Gb Ram, 500 Gb Hard Disk Drive, 20 Inch Screen, Wireless Keyboard And Mouse And Dvd Rw With Dos Operating System.
Email made public as part of Caldera's private antitrust suit against Microsoft revealed that in 1989, chief executive Bill Gates feared that competition was threatening Microsoft's ability to set prices for the DOS operating system.