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an operating system that is on a disk

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No one doubts that the death of DOS tax software is both inevitable and near, but no one really knows how near.
Because of this, it is nearly always a mistake these days to choose a DOS program over comparable Windows software.
3 for DOS feature statistical-analysis and charting tools, cause-and-effect diagramming, and an online Quality Adviser.
While Windows 95 does not require that DOS be loaded prior to Windows, some DOS code has been ported into the product.
Many vendors are offering their new Windows products as part of a package that includes their DOS versions at no extra charge.
Interchangeable client files allow both DOS and Windows users to access and work on the same material.
Some vendors will market a full Windows version, some a DOS version with the look and feel of Windows, and still others will include Windows-like features such as full screen review, cut and paste, and graphical file management (drag and drop instead of copy and delete).
One issue sure to kindle protectionist passions among people currently engaged in federal research and development (R&D) is how much applied research--the "D" in R&D--a DOS should undertake.
Powered by a PowerPC 601 microprocessor and a 486 DX2/66 microprocessor, the Power Macintosh DOS Compatible system runs more applications than any other personal computer on the market.
WinPath(TM) is a Windows (and Windows for Workgroups) facility for viewing, editing and controlling the DOS environment, including search paths, from inside Windows.
We use the DOS version of WordPerfect and it works just fine for us.
Leveraging technology incorporated in the DOS Compatibility Card for the Macintosh Quadra 610, the prototype card demonstrates the cross-platform potential of Power Macintosh to run the widest range of software applications natively in hardware from the leading PC platforms: Macintosh, DOS and Windows.
With few exceptions, they can do so whether your computer environment is DOS, Windows, Unix, OS/2, a network, a mainframe or a Macintosh.
Within the first few weeks of operation of the e-Diversity Visa system, DOS credited Identix' ABIS with helping to identify more than 5,000 individuals attempting to enter the U.