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Synonyms for DOE

the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'buck'

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Chillip does go so far as to say,' pursued the meekest of little men, much encouraged, 'that what such people miscall their religion, is a vent for their bad humours and arrogance.
It is true, I gave a little ground at first, for a motley jacket does not brook lance-heads, as a steel doublet will.
What news does the Judge bring us from the Legislature?
Not infrequently he goes along for years developing a state of mind, a consistent attitude, and then having got it thoroughly established does something in distinct contradiction to it.
It was only a week ago I saw him skipping across the hill like a yearling doe.
There was ample cover, what with solitary trees and dotting bushes so that I found no difficulty in stalking up wind to within fifty feet of my quarry--a large, sleek doe unaccompanied by a fawn.
A DOE hard pressed by hunters sought refuge in a cave belonging to a Lion.
The broad strips of bracken glowed red and yellow against the black peaty soil, and a queenly doe who grazed among them turned her white front and her great questioning eyes towards the wayfarers.
Doe after the good and leave the ill, and it shall bring you unto good fame and renowne.
But if a plump doe be discovered to have escaped from the forest, and to repose herself in some field or grove, the whole parish is presently alarmed, every man is ready to set his dogs after her; and, if she is preserved from the rest by the good squire, it is only that he may secure her for his own eating.
Now, I have a mental picture of John Doe that is as clear as a steel engraving.
Guided by his hand, she turned her head back, and together they gazed far up the side of the knoll where a doe and a spotted fawn looked down upon them from a tiny open space between the trees.
the lop-eared one, and the spotted doe that Tom spent all his money to buy?
Those charming creations of the poet, John Doe and Richard Roe, when they first dawn upon him, will open a new world for the enlargement of his mind and the improvement of his heart.
Being considered a man of leisure, du Bousquier led the same parasite life as the chevalier; and he who does not spend his income is always rich.