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Synonyms for DOE

the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'buck'

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I have often considered a very fine young woman of fortune and fashion, when first found strayed from the pale of her nursery, to be in pretty much the same situation with this doe.
As I bent down to look, just opposite, A Shape within the watry gleam appeerd Bending to look on me, I started back, It started back, but pleasd I soon returnd, Pleas'd it returnd as soon with answering looks Of sympathie and love, there I had fixt Mine eyes till now, and pin'd with vain desire, Had not a voice thus warnd me, What thou seest, What there thou seest fair Creature is thy self, With thee it came and goes: but follow me, And I will bring thee where no shadow staies Thy coming, and thy soft imbraces, hee Whose image thou art, him thou shall enjoy Inseparablie thine, to him shalt beare Multitudes like thy self, and thence be call'd Mother of human Race: what could I doe, But follow strait, invisibly thus led?
Thy fear, said ZEPHON bold, Will save us trial what the least can doe Single against thee wicked, and thence weak.
SATAN, I know thy strength, and thou knowst mine, Neither our own but giv'n; what follie then To boast what Arms can doe, since thine no more Then Heav'n permits, nor mine, though doubld now To trample thee as mire: for proof look up, And read thy Lot in yon celestial Sign Where thou art weigh'd, & shown how light, how weak, If thou resist.
He follows rigidly the conventions of dress and manners; but in the business of poking his nose into places where he does not belong he could give pointers to a civet cat or a jackdaw.
The arrow caught the doe full in the side, and in the same moment Nobs was after her.
It never occurred to me that Nobs had made the crossing at least once, possibly a greater number of times, and that he might lead me to the pass; and so it was with no idea of assistance that I appealed to him as a man alone with a dumb brute so often does.
Not infrequently he goes along for years developing a state of mind, a consistent attitude, and then having got it thoroughly established does something in distinct contradiction to it.
Olga will look very alluring in the filmy creation that is her night-dress, and the clinging robe which but half conceals the charms that the former does not conceal at all.
Paulvitch does not count much--he is merely a stupid, foolish little tool, and so I shall not kill him so long as I permit you to live.
DOE officials told us that the decisions underlying the policy changes in its April 2006 Notice 351.
Boeing and DOE officials have conceded that the press release didn't tell the whole truth.
Hiring The Doe Fund takes us one step closer in transforming the area into a year-round entertainment destination and stronger residential community as outlined in the Coney Island Strategic Plan," said CIDC Chairman Josh Sirefman.
Since the NEA does not assert that the DOE has acted in a manner that specifically injures the organization, it is hard to see what standing it has in court.
In June 2002, we became the first higher education institution in the United States authorized by DOE to allow students to use e-sign on federal financial aid documents.