genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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Attorneys for the Ramsey family were advised that Cellmark would begin DNA testing of physical evidence from the murder scene in April, according to a schedule Cellmark set on its own,'' Korten said.
Simultaneously, the company announced that its technology will be featured at an EyeNet sponsored Lunch Symposium*, DNA Testing for Keratorefractive Surgery Safety, with Anthony Aldave, MD (Los Angeles), Jay Bansal, MD (San Francisco), John Marshall, PhD, FMedSci (London), and Fengju Y.
They have genetic analyzers committed to forensic use, permitting them to effectively serve specific forensic DNA testing requirements of every client.
Morton, who was wrongly convicted in 1987 of murdering his wife, has said that under current DNA testing requirements he wouldn't have had access to the evidence that led to his release.
Company spokeswoman Gemma Smith said: "At AlphaBiolabs we are constantly striving to provide the very best quality DNA testing products at a price that makes DNA testing accessible to as many peo ple as possible.
These parents should bear in mind that a positive result of the DNA testing is the only way that their children could be granted exit visas to leave for the Philippines," Ambassador Ezzedin H.
Newcastle-based North-Gene Limited has just won international recognition for its DNA testing services.
Newcastle-based NorthGene Limited has just won international recognition for its DNA testing services.
So as a result of the vigilance of the FSAI working with my department using modern DNA testing on food, we established one problem in one burger in Ireland and clearly we have a problem right across the EU.
SINCE THE early 1990s, DNA testing has exonerated 220 people in the United States who were convicted of crimes they didn't commit, according to the criminal justice reform group the Innocence Project.
The Dutch POBASCAM trial aimed to determine whether the effectiveness of cervical screening improves when HPV DNA testing is added to cytological testing.
Both compared conventional Pap tests to DNA testing for human papillomavirus (HPV).
uk yesterday launched a new DNA testing service that promises to help people identify living genetic cousins and learn about their distant ancestors' ethnic roots.
As a leading firm in the market DNA Testing Direct provides eager gift buyers with the complete range of painless, easy to use home Ancestry DNA tests; Founder and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2001, David Nicholson notes "The demand for Ancestry DNA Testing has been beyond our expectations, so much so that we're now allowing customers to order up to the morning of the 24th December and receive an online gift certificate to present to their loved one on Christmas day"