genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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The best genetic screening tools, like Avellino's DNA test, look for specific defects associated with known conditions and yield insights that help physicians make good, fully informed choices about their patients' medical care," commented John Marshall, PhD FMedSci, Director of The Institute of Ophthalmology in association with Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.
He added: "Behi" every DNA test is a human story and the staff are always aware of the sensitivity and confidentiality required when dealing with members of the public who wish to establish a genetic relationship which could change their lives forever.
The study's primary outcome was the ability of the DNA test to detect colorectal cancer.
Scott Morrison who represents the Needhams has told the Cyprus Mail the family would not be travelling to Cyprus before a DNA test proved Ben's identity.
The DNA test has confirmed that Tiwari is the biological father of 32-year-old Shekhar.
Even though the mother claimed that the child was born from the wedlock, the high court took note of the fact that the father had made it a " prestige issue" and ordered a DNA test.
The Ministry of Health is conducting the DNA test to ensure that the blood units are free of contagious disease even if the virus is still in its dormant stage," Al Amiri said.
With the DNA test, DNA is extracted from the tissue and measured for the presence of HPV.
The DNA test was four times better at finding cancers than the FOBT," Itzkowitz says.
The hc2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test is an FDA-approved HPV test for primary screening with the DNAwithPap test for cervical cancer and its precursors in women age 30+.
O'Dell kept asking for access to the rape kit to get the new DNA test done, but Virginia refused.
Full DNA profiles were obtained from irradiated test envelopes using the FBIs primary DNA test.
The draft guidelines point out a need to consider repercussions DNA test results may have on family relationships and insist that maximum attention be paid to the welfare of small children.
Launched alongside the q16 is Primderdesigns 'Lab in a Box' - this enables those businesses or practitioners without existing laboratories or experience to perform the desired DNA test with minimal preparation required.
When we first began offering DNA services in Lafayette, LA, few people knew that a private individual could get a DNA test, much less how to order one.