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continues to build on its expertise in the DNA sequencing arena.
The goal of research supported under this RFA is to develop new, or improved technology to enable rapid, efficient genomic DNA sequencing.
About GnuBIO: GnuBIO is a privately-held company developing next-generation desktop DNA sequencing technology that will compartmentalize the entire DNA sequencing process, combining all of the steps required for sequencing in a single system, and providing the only fully integrated next-generation sequencing workflow.
In China, the upstream sectors of DNA sequencing industry are virtually monopolized by foreign giants.
Many projects aimed at next-generation DNA sequencing technologies require substantial advances in a combination of fields such as signal detection, enzymology, chemistry, engineering, bioinformatics, etc.
While the shotgun strategy is crucial to the new company's plans, Venter points out that the automated DNA sequencing machines just developed by Perkin-Elmer are equally important.
With the advancement of DNA sequencing technology and dramatic decline in sequencing costs, DNA sequencing is increasingly showing its market potential in noninvasive detection, disease diagnosis, and personalized treatment.
Which DNA sequencing technology areas have the greatest potential for growth?
Covers microarray, DNA sequencing kits, chromatography, mass spectrometry, DNA amplification and many others within the tools market along with their sub segments.
com/research/cvknrc/global_dna) has announced the addition of the "Global DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Market 2012-2016" report to their offering.
Routine use - Companies - DNA sequencing techniques - DNA sequencing applications - Preferred Company - Preferred Product - Strengths - Weaknesses - Annual Financial Budgets - Budget Breakdown - Future Financial Budgets - Consumables - Quality Control Guidelines - Current Challenges - Required Innovation - Recent Innovations - Future Innovation - Biomarkers - Organisations - Fields - Therapeutic Areas - Bioinformatics software - Purpose - Study Samples - Sample Preparation
The study emphasizes on both the Methods and Instruments/Software of DNA Sequencing in Medical Research, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, and DNA Testing & Forensics application areas.
Continuing support from our investors has made it possible for us to build an exemplary team as we work toward our goal of developing a semiconductor-based system for single-molecule DNA sequencing and analysis," commented Dr.
Regardless of the exact information DNA sequencing may provide in the future, it seems certain that the current chronological record holders will not reign for long.