recombinant DNA

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genetically engineered DNA made by recombining fragments of DNA from different organisms

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D1: mitochondrion inheritance and regulation of DNA recombination are biological_process in the Gene Ontology.
In 2007 he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discoveries including DNA recombination in mammals.
The new study found that ntES and pES cells have distinct DNA recombination signatures.
new viral pathogens may form through DNA recombination
Pangene uses enhanced homologous DNA recombination technology to isolate, clone and reprogram genes.
There are things that this method can do that DNA recombination technology can't do and vice versa.
I'm particularly excited about the potential of the technology to analyze clinically important rearrangements of DNA and products of DNA recombination that are not easily assessed by current alternative high-throughput sequencing technologies.
Professor Martin Evans, Cardiff University's president, was the first scientist to identify embryonic stem cells, and in 2007 he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discoveries in this field and DNA recombination in mammals.