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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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DNA Profiling is a method of identification that compares fragments of DNA - or DeoxyriboNucleic Acid - the genetic material found within the cell nuclei of all living things.
NIAS expects that the latest DNA profiling method will prevent the mislabeling of poultry while increasing the brand value of local chicken breeds like Nagoya Cochin as well as consumer confidence.
Aronson begins, as all books on DNA profiling must, with DNA science, interspersed with stories of the first (immigrant identity) test, the criminal investigation explored in Joseph Wambaugh's The Blooding, and the early competition for dominance in the legal marketplace for identification technologies between Cellmark Diagnostics USA (a unit of Imperial Chemical Industries UK) and Lifecodes Corporation.
A proposal that the information provided to the DNA profiling companies' clients should also be provided to the owners of horses was not carried.
All Forensic DNA Profiling Centers are equipped with state of the art facilities to carry out DNA profiling.
The NGO'S lawyer, Ashok Dhamija, said the INTERPOL Global DNA Profiling Survey of 2008 showed that 120 of 172 INTERPOL member countries were using forensic DNA profiling in criminal investigation, and as many as 54 countries had set up full- fledged national DNA databases.
The technology looks at 24 areas of a person's DNA - up from the 11 areas that made up previous DNA profiling and an advance on the 17 areas which is the European standard.
This will provide the criminal justice system with a greatly improved DNA profiling services and further DNA identifications as a result.
The laboratories were asked to conduct DNA profiling from two different bone powder samples, dating back 150 years and 400 years respectively.
Using modern DNA profiling the sample had been matched to Khannon, who performed under the stage name Simon Preston.
She said: "We analysed (the stains) using DNA profiling.
DNA profiling linked Jonathan King, of Gaelcarrig Park, Newcastle, Galway, to burglary at the DID Ballybrit store last December.
DNA fingerprinting was discovered by Sir Alec Jeffreys, a Professor at the University of Leicester, in the mid-80s and the first DNA profiling was introduced.
DNA profiling is being used extensively around the world in criminal cases.
North Wales AM Eleanor Burnham, party spokesperson for children and young people, said: "The dramatic increase in those DNA profiles gathered in Wales, particularly those of children, since the start of DNA profiling is cause for alarm.
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