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The first, announced in June 1998, provided Affymetrix with the exclusive right to broadly commercialize bacterial DNA probe arrays based on the DNA sequences of ten bacterial organisms originally sequenced by Human Genome Sciences.
After consulting with the chemistry department staff, we decided to pursue the DNA probe analyzer.
Altogether, the prevalence of chlamydia was close to 7% based on DNA probe.
The court's order further granted the University and Vysis summary judgment, finding that use of Oncor's "Coatosome" DNA probes infringes the patent.
Hood makes use of ink jet printer technology to shoot droplets containing the DNA probes onto a chip.
By using the eae DNA probe, which is specific for atypical EPEC, we found eight strains to be positive.
The 2011 Molecular Diagnostics Market: DNA Probes and Biochips -- New Product Development Opportunities and Business Expansion Strategies for Instrument and Reagent Suppliers
The two-year project, "Automated Detection of Gene Duplications or Deletions," seeks to develop a method that can better diagnose cancer and genetic disease using modern DNA probe techniques.
NASDAQ: GPRO), a developer of DNA probe diagnostic products.
When Engel published his 1980 paper, DNA probe technology wasn't quite up to that task.
Placement of the label at this site allows DNA probe hybridization to be measured while the molecule is being replicated.
The DNA probe could have missed some BRCA1 defects.
Under the terms of the agreement, Affymetrix will supply Pfizer with GeneChip instrumentation, software and custom DNA probe arrays containing genes selected by Pfizer to monitor specific gene expression levels for use in Pfizer's pharmaceutical research and development activities.
The DNA probe may also lead to a more precise determination of the relationship between gender and incubation temperature for ridley eggs.
com/reports/c9571) has announced the addition of Annual Worldwide Market for DNA Probe Diagnostics to their offering.
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