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a specific gene that produces a recognizable trait and can be used in family or population studies

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We then explored differentially methylated CpG sites in the placenta and in maternal blood cells as possible fetus-specific DNA markers in maternal plasma.
Finding more fragments means researchers have a greater chance of finding DNA markers for genes that control desirable traits.
These DNA sequences are useful resources for developing DNA markers.
As of January 1997, more than 17,000 markers had been mapped in the mouse (one locus approximately every 200kb), including more than 5,000 genes and more than 10,000 (mostly microsatellite) DNA markers.
Hammer and Skorecki were part of the first research group 10 years ago that found the DNA marker signature of the Cohanim, termed the Cohen Modal Haplotype.
The winning paper is: "Hypermethylated RASSFIA in Maternal Plasma: A Universal Fetal DNA Marker that Improves the Reliability of Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis.
Typing 11-day-old larvae and using double-hybrid crosses to reduce homozygosity by descent and inbreeding depression in mapping families, Hubert & Hedgecock (2004) have produced the first low-density microsatellite DNA marker maps for the Pacific oyster.
At the Ames lab, DNA marker technology is being used to glean valuable genetic intelligence on the rootworms.
It must be stressed, however, that the possibility of clinical implementation of fetal DNA as a screening tool will have to await the discovery of a reliable gender-independent fetal DNA marker that can be assayed by real-time PCR.
However, the difference between a DNA marker of disease and susceptibility is not always clear.
A molecular test is available for chinook salmon that is based on a DNA marker specific for the Y chromosome (8).
February 2008 - SigNature[TM] DNA Marker Kits supplied to global cash-in-transit customer
Microsatellites have been the standard DNA marker because they are easily detectable.
For forensic authentication, a sample taken from the product or other item can be analyzed using our proprietary primers and PCR technology to obtain definitive proof of the presence or absence of a SigNature(TM) DNA Marker.