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Rubicon has embarked on a major development project to further advance its leading technology for DNA library preparation, and the newly-licensed IP will enable that effort.
distribution of its DNA library preparation products, including the ThruPLEX[sup.
It has one serious drawback, in that it requires the construction of a DNA library, involving shearing, end repair, polyA tailing, and ligation, which can be very time-consuming.
Researchers made the vaccine by putting the DNA library inside a vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), which stimulates an immune response that can then track down and kill tumour cells.
Our approach was a bit like probing into the DNA library to determine sequences.
The gene was cloned from a practical acetic acid bacterium belonging to the genus Gluconacetobacter by a method for obtaining a gene having a growth-promoting function in acetic acid-containing medium from the chromosomal DNA library of the acetic acid bacterium.
By leveraging their respective strengths, namely Carna Biosciences' assay/screening technologies and ChemDiv's expertise in DNA library compiling, the two companies will add kinase assay data to ChemDiv's proprietary kinase-focused library.
Participants will be asked to give a blood sample to enable researchers to establish a huge DNA library of people with a genetic risk of heart disease.
Building up a DNA library of known paedophiles will not only be of use should they re-offend.
In fact, this year the Southwest Fisheries Science Center should complete its DNA library, which would enable monitors to identify the species of whale meat and trace which ocean it came from.
Lapedes also says his group has beenasked to use the neural net to check some of the experimental data being collected for GenBank, a DNA library administered by Los Alamos.
Barcode Wales DNA Library Provides Powerful Platform for Scientific Research
NEB) today announced the release of the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina[sup.
Tenders are invited for Supply of dna library for aptamer selection