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biometric identification obtained by examining a person's unique sequence of DNA base pairs

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Advanced DNA fingerprinting technology is being used by doctors for detecting Ebola virus in suspected patients.
This process expands on a recently described method that permits automated target cell detection and virtual enrichment, microdissection, and identification of the genomic origin of haploidentical single cells by means of DNA fingerprinting (10).
Alec said: 'I've come full circle - starting out with minisatellites to develop DNA fingerprinting, and arriving at a gene containing a minisatellite that plays a key role in driving all kinds of human DNA diversity, including variation at minisatellites.
I conclude this portion of the presentation with a discussion of applications of DNA fingerprinting, including its use in (1) criminal trials to either link an individual to a crime scene or to exonerate an innocent person, (2) paternity testing, (3) identification of unknown individuals (an example that resonates with students is the identification of victims from the 2001 World Trade Center attack), and (4) its use in medicine to identify genetic conditions that can be inherited in families.
Use of DNA fingerprinting as evidence in criminal proceedings relies on the assumption that the DNA sample is genuine.
Using specialist diagnostic equipment, the laboratory will be able to carry out advanced DNA fingerprinting tests to confirm the different strains of C.
Kate Stoeckle and Louisa Strauss, who both graduated this spring from Trinity School in New York, sent 60 seafood samples off to a tab for DNA fingerprinting.
DNA fingerprinting achieved its first success in law enforcement more than 20 years ago, when British investigators used it to exonerate one suspect and convict another in the murders of two 15-year-old girls in Leicestershire.
THE scientist who launched DNA fingerprinting, Sir Alec Jeffreys, is coming to Huddersfield.
The Salm-gene project a European collaboration for DNA fingerprinting for food-related salmonellosis.
Difficult scientific areas, such as statistics and probability, genetics and the role of DNA fingerprinting, toxicology, and chemical instrumentation, certainly challenge the students.
DNA fingerprinting in plants; principles, methods, and applications, 2d ed.